Bath Time Tip: Have a chat :)

A side bonus of bath time is that many children are often most active and energetic during the constant water splashing. Parents can ‘tap’ into this extra vigour and take advantage of the situation.
The energetic attitude provides an excellent opportunity for some constructive communication. Sharing views and getting feedback can allow both parents and children to better appreciate each other and develop a more healthy and positive relationship.
By reflecting on their daily routine and activities, parents can learn about their children’s fears and preferences. Excellent and healthy communication is a necessity for every relationship. Why not take this opportunity to discuss what your child has been doing today?
Ask her what bothers or satisfies her, or you could even revise a lesson she has learnt earlier. Whatever the topic, make sure it is interesting for your child. Don’t talk about anything that embarrasses her.
You can also communicate with younger babies while bathing them. You won’t get a sensible reply of course, but they’ll develop a habit of listening to you and interacting with you during the bath time.

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