Fun and Games

What can Tappy do?

Children love Tappy’s fun octopus shape. Not only is she a very good safety product, but Tappy lets you play lots of fun & educational stuff games as well. Tappy:

  • Has arms that wiggle & dance as the bath is filling; children love watching the movement and beam when they see Tappy’s face
  • Educates with her numbers and colours; little ones can point to their age or sing the Rainbow Song
  • Has a big, smiley, open mouth and loves to be given water to drink or bubbles to eat; kids are fascinated watching the bath water come out of her arms andpracticing their hand-eye coordination when pouring it in
  • Likes to be used as a hand puppet too; she especially enjoys talking about her day with other toys and children

Learn Numbers And Skills With Tappy

With little ones who aren’t so sure about certain parts of the bathing process you can play Tappy Says! Get them to interact with Tappy and follow what Tappy says. “Tappy Says!….touch your nose, Tappy Says!….touch Tappy’s arm, Tappy Says!….wash your belly.” You can also ask them to “Show Tappy how good you can be and how grown up you are….show Tappy how you put the shampoo in your hair and get your hair washed.”

Tappy is also a great educational tool. Use her to help children to learn numbers and colours:

  • Can you count all of Tappy’s arms? Which arm is number 3? Can you touch number 7?
  • Each arm colour is in the order of the Rainbow Song, let’s sing it – Red & Yellow & Pink & Green….Purple & Orange & Bluueee! Can you show me yellow?
  • They can then be combined to practice – Which number is green? What colour is number 5?
  • Older children can learn adding numbers such as 2+3, 1+4, and 3+5.

To learn anatomy:

  • Head, shoulders, knees & toes becomes Head, shoulders, arms & fingers! Can you point to Tappy’s eyes? Touch Tappy’s mouth or arms? Where are your arms?

To practice motor skills:

  • Do you think Tappy’s thirsty? Let’s give her a drink of water. What about food, shall we feed Tappy some bubbles?Let’s see how much water you can catch when Tappy drinks. Let your child explore Tappy and move the arms.

To fuel imagination/performance skills using Tappy as a hand-puppet:

  • Why don’t you talk to Tappy? What will you say? What’s Tappy saying back? Why don’t you put on a show?

Maybe to help a child tell you something they are afraid/too embarrassed to:

  • Don’t you want to tell me? Well why don’t you put Tappy in front of your face and see if she wants to tell me? Tappy can help your children to tell you about their day whilst getting washed!

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