The Tappy Team

Having been a full-time nanny, Miriam has bathed lots of children over the years. One of her main concerns at bath time was ensuring that the children were protected from scratches, bumps and hurting themselves on hot taps whilst playing in the bath. Noticing that the children liked to catch and pour water, Miriam had an idea, a bath time toy that was both functional and entertaining.

When searching for an existing bath time products, Miriam found that there wasn’t anything that worked well and stayed on the taps. All plastic or rubber toys would often get mouldy and would often have to been thrown away. Identifying a need for a combined safety and bath time toy, Miriam had an idea for a new type of tap guard that was not only fun and interactive, but made of a material that was easy to clean and didn’t mould.

Unsure where to start Miriam spoke to her friend Simon about the idea. Suggesting she try to make it, he offered to help and develop the idea. 18 months later, after lots of support and encouragement from friends and family, and many evening and weekends spent working hard, Tappy became a reality. Now available in shops, Miriam is delighted that Tappy, the World’s first combined tap guard and bath time toy, is making bath time safe and fun for all children.


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