All about Tappy


Tappy does a very serious job of preventing accidental head bangs and scalds from your metal taps. Born from a need to provide all-round protection for your children during bath time, Tappy is the World’s first tap guard and bath time toy. Made from Neoprene, Tappy is naturally insulating to prevent burns from hot taps and water, making bath time safe and fun for everyone. Featuring an innovative water chamber, water is directed from the tap through Tappy’s tentacles making them wiggle and dance. Whilst in the bath let your children count Tappy’s tentacles, sing the rainbow and play the number game.

Designed for children aged from 6 months to 6 years, Tappy’s exciting octopus design will keep your children entertained with a host of bath time games. Machine washable at 40°C, Tappy’s tentacles will air-dry quickly when not in use, remaining clean and hygienic.

The great news is that Tappy is easy to fit and remove with its Velcro strap fastening. Designed with universal tap fit in mind, Tappy can even be fitted with one hand.


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